Balance and Agility

Picture of Kineta Balance Cushion

Kineta Balance Cushion

•(45cm) combines the benefits of a gym (swiss) ball, wobble board and sitting cushion in one product •Intermediate to Professional use •Proven effective in improving posture, muscle strength, joint stabilisation and balance
199,00 kn
Picture of Marking Cone

Marking Cone

30,5 cm tall
39,99 kn
Picture of Čunjići set 50 komada

Čunjići set 50 komada

431,40 kn 249,50 kn
Picture of Wooden balance board

Wooden balance board

Ideal for development and training of balance. Top surface has a layer of anti-slip material.
149,00 kn
Picture of Weighted Hula Hoop

Weighted Hula Hoop

- Masa 1,2 Kg - Uzak struk - Čvrsta guza - Lijepe noge - Punije grudi - Jačanje ruku - Zdrava leđa
169,00 kn
Picture of 23 pc Bungee set - Kineta

23 pc Bungee set - Kineta

699,00 kn
Picture of Kineta Agility Ladder

Kineta Agility Ladder

- 9 m - 20 sections - dividers are flat - 4 spikes - 1 carry bag
349,00 kn
Picture of Whistle


Metal whistle with colourful cord. With all known original sound.
29,99 kn
Picture of Adjustable hurdle set

Adjustable hurdle set

2 base stands 3 bars length 100 cm each 2 adjustable bar fixates
749,00 kn
Picture of Balance ball

Balance ball

Inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform for balance and functional training.
929,00 kn
Picture of Hurdle 15 cm

Hurdle 15 cm

plasticne prepone
69,00 kn 59,00 kn
Picture of Hurdle 30 cm

Hurdle 30 cm

Robusne, lagane i izdržljive prepone
89,00 kn 79,00 kn
Picture of Hurdle 45 cm

Hurdle 45 cm

99,00 kn 89,00 kn
Picture of Hurdles


Height: 15 cm 30 cm 45 cm
From 39,60 kn
Picture of Reaction ball

Reaction ball

Tool for improving reaction time and reflexes.
59,99 kn 49,99 kn
Picture of Reaction ball

Reaction ball

Tool for improving reaction time and reflexes. Diametar 7.5 cm.
59,99 kn 49,99 kn
Picture of Sliding Pads

Sliding Pads

- pair
99,00 kn