Picture of Ab Roller

Ab Roller

- ergonomski oblikovana - obložene ručke - potpora za vrat i glavu - naslon za ruke
299,00 kn
Picture of Weighted Hula Hoop

Weighted Hula Hoop

- Masa 1,2 Kg, promjer 100 cm - Uzak struk - Čvrsta guza - Lijepe noge - Punije grudi - Jačanje ruku - Zdrava leđa
169,00 kn
Picture of Kineta Ab Slings

Kineta Ab Slings

Most natural and most effective abdominal workout tool!
299,00 kn
Picture of Kineta Power Wheel

Kineta Power Wheel

329,00 kn
Picture of Kineta Training Bar

Kineta Training Bar

Ultimate tool for development of CORE, explosive strength, flexibility, endurance and sport specific movements.
699,00 kn
Picture of Kineta Ab Mat

Kineta Ab Mat

- 37 x 30 cm - ensures correct posture
159,00 kn
Picture of Sliding Pads

Sliding Pads

- pair
99,00 kn
Picture of Vibration Stick

Vibration Stick

Vibracijski štap
199,00 kn
Picture of Ab Wheel

Ab Wheel

• Two non-skid wheels for added stability • Easy-grip handles to prevent slippage • Strengthen and tone abs, shoulder, arms and back
69,99 kn 39,99 kn