Joint/Muscle support, rehabilitation

Picture of Knee support/brace - PREMIUM

Knee support/brace - PREMIUM

Knee support with hinges and reinforcements
199,00 kn
Picture of Tennis Elbow Strap

Tennis Elbow Strap

74,99 kn
Picture of Elbow support premium

Elbow support premium

125,00 kn
Picture of Knee strap (pattella)

Knee strap (pattella)

79,99 kn
Picture of Shoulder support

Shoulder support

159,00 kn
Picture of Ankle support - LIGHT

Ankle support - LIGHT

29,99 kn
Picture of Ankle support - PREMIUM

Ankle support - PREMIUM

89,99 kn
Picture of Knee wraps - Pair

Knee wraps - Pair

- Length 183 cm - Width 7,5 cm - Velcro for easy storage
149,00 kn